Reviewing a book can be tricky, both the giving and the receiving of reviews. And apparently some current practices are hardly on the up and up. I’ve heard rumors that some new authors actually pay/bribe reviewers for favorable reviews! And there are those unscrupulous souls who actually review their own work using pseudonyms. Not at all fair to readers and highly frowned upon.

As for reviewing books written by other authors, that can be tricky as well. I hate to give another author’s book such a bad review that no one in their right mind would think of giving it a try; neither do I want to give a badly written book a glowing review. Not only might that fool some poor, unsuspecting reader into investing in a dud, but it would also make me look an absolute idiot in the process!

And from all I’ve read lately, amassing hundreds of reviews is a sheer waste of time and energy. Most readers won’t read past five or six of them. Since every reader will come away with their own, individual opinion about a book, the potential reader must make up his or her own mind about what to read. Have you seen the T-shirt? “So many books, so little time!” Amen!

Unless you follow a particular reviewer on a regular basis, you won’t know if your tastes in reading are similar enough to rely on his/her review. When buying a book, rely upon your own instincts, not an unknown reviewer’s opinion. And as for reviewers themselves, I’d advise them to be honest and fair. My three Rs for reviewing: read, reflect, and then review.

All for now,