Would you be willing to buy a ticket to go on one of the space vehicles now being tested by private companies? Since NASA is no longer in the “manned-flight business”, more private companies are getting set to launch their own fleets of spacecraft. But even one of the men involved in the design and testing of one of these crafts admitted that he wouldn’t be willing to ride aboard until they’d been operating a while. Hmm! That doesn’t exhibit a great deal of confidence in the product or the service.

Being a cautious, conservative person—some might call me a wimp—I’m with him! Daring souls, however, will be eager to risk such a flight just for the thrill of it or to be able to say they’d done it.Not me! Space travel will always be dangerous; no way around it. There are simply too many variables out there, too much to go wrong.

True, we need people brave enough to push back the boundaries of space travel, but, inevitably, there are going to be occasional tragedies.Remember that there was once a time when people were terrified of riding on trains—too darn dangerous! And someday space travel will be a lot safer, comparatively speaking. But if you’re looking for safety, ease, and comfort right now, better keep your feet firmly planted on the ground—right beside mine!