When you come to the end in writing a novel, you can’t help but experience mixed feelings—and the feelings only intensify when you’ve just finished a trilogy. It has been a long, exhausting, thrilling trek: from somewhere in the 1990s for Ransom of Tartarus, and since I wrote the first draft of Judgment on Tartarus—oh, my gosh!—it’s been over 40 years.

So as I came to the end of Book 3, I felt tired but elated, sad that the adventure is now over—at least for now. I won’t rule out the possibility of continuing the tale somewhere down the line, perhaps several years from now. Actually, as of now, my plans include writing two prequels to the Tartarus Trilogy: Malkis of Tartarus and Hero of the Gorgonian Wars.

I’ve already written a rough draft of the first. Maybe those ideas popped into my head to remedy my feelings of loss—I hate to say goodbye to these characters! I’ve lived with them for so many years now. The good thing? When the third book of the trilogy is finally published and added to my library, I can read any of the three any time I like! So it’s not really saying goodbye—just, “Read you later!”