One of my favorite science fiction writers, Anne McCaffrey, passed away recently. I absolutely loved her work. She was probably only the second female writer of SF that I ever read—the first being the famous Andre Norton.

But it was in McCaffrey’s work that I found my heart as well as my head engaged. When I first read her novel Dragonflight, I fell in love with it. That book was the first in her series about the dragonriders of Pern, an alien planet colonized by humans. To me, that first book read like fantasy, but whatever the genre, it spoke to me as no other book had until that time.

I’ve since read more of her Dragonriders of Pern series as well as several of her other books. My favorite, I think, will always be Dragonflight. McCaffrey was a prolific writer, so there are many of her books in my library waiting to be read and savored in the future.

A really good book will live forever—however authors, being mortal, do not. McCaffrey’s passing will make her books all the more precious to me, for there will be no more new ones in the future. Rest in peace, Anne—and thanks!