By now quite a few people have asked me what my book Judgment on Tartarus is about. The question is usually asked in the course of a brief conversation at a book signing event, so I reply that it’s a science fiction/space adventure without a lot of technical or scientific jargon, which takes place sometime in the 22nd century. I don’t usually get time to go into any detail.

On the rare opportunities that I do, I tell people that the main protagonist, a young woman named Corona Scott, is embarking on her first deep-space mission aboard the retired battle cruiser Astrella II. ( Astrella I was destroyed by “Gorgonians” during the Gorgonian Wars, which ended a mere twelve years ago.)

An idealistic, determined, career-minded young woman, Rona Scott is eager to prove herself, to fulfill her life-long dream of adventures in space and on far-flung alien planets. Although she’s well aware of the many prejudices that exist among the members of certain races in the known-Galaxy ( all of whom have human ancestors ), she’s determined to remain open-minded.

But even before she gets aboard Astrella, Rona begins to worry that her long-dreamed-of career in space is in jeopardy. She learns that her new CO, Richard Hughes—“The Hero of the Gorgonian Wars”—runs a taut ship and has a hair-trigger temper, which she’s afraid she’ll run afoul of, thus dooming her military career.

Even worse, Rona gets off on the wrong foot with his ExO, one Malkis of Tartarus—not a pleasant person!—who seems to take an instant dislike to her. Before long Rona finds herself in trouble with the Captain as well as the ExO. As events rapidly unfold, it becomes clear to Rona that Astrella is a hotbed of bigotry, hatred, and anger; in fact, at least several members of her crew want their ExO dead!

Sabotage, murder, mystery and mayhem ensue! Judgment on Tartarus is a fun, fast-paced read, featuring several unexpected twists and a satisfying ending. Rona’s grand adventure continues in Book 2 of the trilogy, True Son of Tartarus, and will conclude with the publication of Ransom of Tartarus later this year.

So if you haven’t yet read Judgment on Tartarus ( available at in both paperback and Kindle versions ) why not give it a try? I think you’ll be glad you did.

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