If you read a really, truly good book, please. please tell other people about it! Don’t be afraid to spread the word: online, by word of mouth, or by posting a review. But above all, be honest. Way too many individuals are hyping books that just plain aren’t worth reading.

Have you ever bought or borrowed a book you were just itching to read, only to discover that all the hype was phony or exaggerated? You are left feeling frustrated, disappointed, even angry! The only way authors of genuinely worthwhile books are going to get noticed and read is if honest readers are willing to openly discuss and recommend them. Don’t be afraid of critcism. Your friends are not better book critics than you are, believe me.

It isn’t fair to authors and readers alike if the majority of book reviews are phony, biased, exaggerated, and/or misleading. We all suffer the consequences!

When I review a book, I try to be completely honest about its merits or lack thereof. I don’t intentionally try to hurt the author’s feelings. (As an author myself, I realize what tender feelings we all have!) I always mention a book’s good points as well as bad. And if I absolutely hate a book, I refrain from reviewing it, simple as that.

The world of books is definitely in need of some “truth in advertising”!