I’m not exactly sure why, but many people online are getting hot under the collar about self-published and independent authors. Maybe it’s due to simple jealousy. They call envy “the green-eyed monster” for a reason. No one should want to come off looking like some kind of Scrooge.

Maybe it’s simple reluctance to acknowledge that the face of publishing has changed forever and has changed rapidly. Technology has advanced at a mind-boggling pace, leaving many of us in its dust!

Or maybe their reaction is due to our own basic laziness. Don’t we all prefer to take the path of least resistance? I know I do. But with zillions of books now available online, the reader must work harder than ever to separate the wheat from the chaff. Some now go so far as to read only “the classics”. And while I appreciate many of them as much as anyone else does, on occasion I enjoy broadening my horizons.

And let’s face it: we can’t always depend on reviews or recommendations. Not everyone out there is playing fair and square. Ah, if only they would! Life would be so much simpler.But it’s a whole new world as far as publishing goes, and I guess we all have to learn to live in it.

Love to hear your thoughts on the subject.