I just love a good movie. But car chases, shoot-em-ups, gore, graphic sex and violence, inane comedies, etc. aren’t my cup of tea. Okay, so what does that leave me with, you ask. Not a great deal, to tell the truth. Some of the most recent films that I’ve enjoyed include Thor, Captain America, all the Harry Potter films, Sherlock Holmes 1&2, The Woman in Black, and all the Twilight films ( a guilty pleasure!)

     Going back in time, some of my all-time-favorite films were: the first episode of Star Wars ever made (now referred to as A New Hope, I believe ) and the first Superman movie starring the oh-so-gorgeous Christopher Reeve. I’ve always loved SF, and in my youth was a big fan of Superman in any medium. A lesser-known film titled Windwalker was also among my favorites. It is a touching tale about Native Americans that uses authentic dialog with English subtitles.

But in my humble opinion, the best movies ever made ( so far! ) are the three installments of The Lord of The Rings. Kudos to director Peter Jackson and everyone else involved in that massive undertaking. I can hardly wait to see what they do with The Hobbit ( parts 1&2 ). I hope it’s an equal success!

A good movie is a good movie, whatever the genre. But, admittedly, I’m very picky. In order to make my short-list of favorites, a film has to have done everything right!

All for now,