All three books in my Tartarus Trilogy are technically classified as science fiction, but I prefer to define them as either “soft” sci-fi, space adventure, or character-driven sci-fi. My plots aren’t driven by advanced technology or scientific theories, so they definitely aren’t hard sci-fi. Neither are they what’s usually referred to as “literary” sci-fi. And I wouldn’t classify them as space opera either, though perhaps to some people’s minds they might be.

I consider my stories to be “character driven” si-fi. My characters are people of their own time and place; if you were to take them out of the context of their environment, they would lose much of who they are. But they still have typically human failings, feelings, and problems, have their own individual reasons for doing the things that they do. Even the so-called “aliens” in my work are very human in that regard.

Whatever sub-genre of SF you may decide that my books belong to, I hope readers will give them a try before jumping to conclusions based upon what genre they think my books might be. To me, the story being told is almost everything—not to discount good, solid writing and judicious editing, which are both extremely important. I believe that the majority of readers find it extremely important to easily identify with the characters in the story and to have the desire to go along with them on their journey.

But whatever type of sci-fi my readers may think I write, that’s not nearly as important as the fact that they enjoy my stories. So far, I can tell you truthfully that all of the reviews and the feedback I’ve received for my Tartarus Trilogy has been positive. Feel free to check out the reviews that are posted on You can also make use of their” Look Inside” feature for all three books and even download the first chapter of each of the Kindle versions for free.

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