A national newscast recently featured a piece during which both the anchor and the reporter expressed stunned disbelief that some U.S. corporations are actually looking into—of all things!—asteroid mining! Horrors!

This led me to wonder, Have any of these people ever read science fiction? As far back as I can remember, and probably long before that, SF novels and short stories have been predicting that we would eventually be forced to mine asteroids, as well as other planets, in order to replace our dwindling natural resources and to obtain elements that aren’t found on Earth. I was shocked that these apparently intelligent individuals would be so astonished by the prospect.

Mining asteroids seems to me to be an entirely logical, practical solution to some of our most pressing problems. I’m all for it. In fact, asteroid mining is featured in my current WIP, a space opera about future humans living in another solar system. Asteroid mining will also be mentioned in the prequel to my Tartarus Trilogy. I think it’s a given—dangerous work maybe, but any endeavor in space is bound to be dangerous. It goes with the territory, as they say.

It may take a few years to develop the technology needed, but I’m sure the day will come when asteroid mining is a reality and taken for granted

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