Oh, my gosh! What a night! We drove to Danversport in a torrential downpour that turned the roads into muddy rivers! Driving conditions were the absolute worst I have ever seen, yet we made it safely to Danversport Yacht Club, even without an Ark! At first we were afraid that the terrible weather would discourage anyone from coming out. Of course, shortly after we arrived the rain stopped and resumed only intermittently. We were extremely glad we hadn’t let the storm stop us.

The venue was gorgeous. The Harborview Ballroom did indeed have a wonderful view of the harbor. Through the French doors we could see all the charming little boats and the deck and the patio below. It’s no wonder they host a lot of wedding receptions there.

The huge ballroom itself was a perfect setup for booksigning. Guests were able to roam up and down the aisles between long lines of tables, book shopping to their hearts’ content. And on each side of the room was a cash bar, attended by waitresses who went from table to table. In addition there were tables offering ice water, cheese and crackers, and coffee. Very fancy!

I started selling my books soon after we arrived and set up —even before the general public was allowed in. The night became absolutely spectacular when, in spite of the lousy weather, many people showed up. We renewed some wonderful friendships, made some new friends, and signed and sold a ton of books. ( Well, not literally a ton, but you know what I mean! )

I received many lovely compliments on the poster I made to advertise my Tartarus Trilogy, the space-themed tablecover, my book covers, and even my sci-fi-ish outfit! One of my husband’s friends brought copies of my books she already had for me to sign. And one of my daughter’s former colleagues from the Montserrrat College of Art dropped by to say hello. Mark Goddard of Lost in Space was there, as was Michelle McPhee of radio fame.

Downstairs was a restaurant, a live band, and scheduled talks by some of the attending authors. ( No, I did not give a talk. Public speaking is not my forte! ) The authors also donated copies of their books to a raffle  benefitting Breast Cancer Research. Pear Tree Publishing’s book events usually benefit a charity or worthy cause in addition to boosting the attendees’ careers/businesses and adding to buyers’ bookshelves.

All in all, we had a wonderful night. Even the capricious New England weather couldn’t dampen our spirits. We left eagerly looking forward to the next event. So far, it seems that each one is even more wonderful and more successful than the last.

Keep on reading. Keep on writing!