An author friend of mine and I often compare our writing to cooking. After writing a draft, she likes to let her work “simmer”, while I refer to the process as “marinating”! As in cooking, the author must choose which ingredients to use, how much of each to incorporate, how long the dish needs to “bake”etc.

I could take the comparison even further and add that. like a chef, the author must choose exactly how spicy to make his or her stew and what spices are needed to achieve the desired effect. Possible ingredients might include dragons, hunky he-men, glamorous heroines, dastardly villains, cute kids, blood-thirsty vampires, sword fights, dorky geniuses, superheroes, ghouls or ghosts, wizards and elves, or spaceships and lightsabers!

Mix your chosen ingredients well, being sure to use proper grammar and punctuation. Pack into clear sentences that aren’t overly complicated. Form into neat paragraphs. Divide into chapters. Let marinate ( or simmer! ) until well-seasoned. Edit until done, then serve up to book-hungry readers! Voila!

Keep on “cooking”!